We Help You Do Online Workshop Series

We know life can get busy, but we’re here to help. We’ve created virtual “We Help You Do” workshops on a variety of topics. Our virtual workshops are intended to help educate, influence, and support families, local business and everyone in between. We’re excited to host guest speakers who will provide valuable tips and real-life experiences on important topics such as home ownership, financial wellness, credit reporting, retirement planning, and more.

5 Ways to Boost Your FICO Credit Score Workshop

During your life, you will likely borrow money at some point, and your credit score will affect your ability to borrow money, rent an apartment, and the offered interest rates. Want to learn more about your credit scores and find ways to boost it? Tune into this webinar to learn more from our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness!

Topics covered include:

Guest Speaker:

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In addition to our workshops, our experienced staff are available to help you navigate your finances, apply for loans, access your funds, and even share a laugh! Schedule an appointment with one of our team members.