Spotlight on MyPoint Influential Women in Business

We are highlighting a few of our female business owners and exploring what led them to do what they do.

Maria de la Luz Reyes, Ph.D. – La Luz Books

Maria de la Luz Reyes, Ph.D., is an author and small independent press owner. Her first book, How Will I Talk to Abuela? is the recipient of a Bronze Medal of the International Latino Book Award. Her second book, published last year, Como voy a hablar con Abuela? was written in response to requests for more children’s books in Spanish. And this spring, her third book, Countdown to the Last Tortilla, will be released by her company, La Luz Books.

“I write because Latino children’s eyes light up when they see characters that look like them in the pages of my books,” commented Reyes. “Demonstrating the possibility that they too, could become authors is priceless.”

Reyes established La Luz Books to publish and market her children’s books.

Maria de la Luz Reyes

Eloise Christopher – Pets in Paradise Ranch Resort

Eloise Christopher

As the founder and owner of Pets in Paradise, Eloise Christopher created a space where dogs can be in a safe and cage-free environment. At Pets in Paradise, dogs are allowed the freedom to play in nature before being tucked in for the night in a home environment.

Eloise is a lifelong lover of dogs and all living creatures. Her love for dogs brings her business full-circle by providing dog daycare and overnight dog boarding.

Maribeth Bandas – BEAM Translation & Media Corporation

As the daughter of immigrants, Maribeth Bandas has a deep knowledge of two cultures and two languages. Maribeth realized the wealth of bilingual speakers and became a licensed Lead Trainer of The Community Interpreter®, a nationally and internationally renowned curriculum to train community and medical interpreters.

Maribeth owns BEAM Translation and Media Corporation. She was driven by her love for editing and translating in two languages. Her mother was a teacher and her father an editor “so naturally I became a translator, an editor, and a teacher,” Maribeth stated.

Maribeth is motivated by putting her talents and education to work to help others.

Maribeth Bandas

Deborah Bonham – Ja’nus Ventilation and Mechanical

Ja’nus Ventilation and Mechanical

Community service, philanthropy, and contractor business encompasses the daily life of Deborah Bonham. Seven years ago, Debbie transitioned from employee to owner because “we knew we could do a better job if we were in control.” Over the years she could see what ‘should have’ been done and has learned from those years.

Debbie’s success stems from the motivation of her team. She has had the same employees since 2012. “The pride they have in each project is amazing,” according to Debbie. She also has a team of specialty contractors.

Along with mechanical contractor work specializing in Federal/Military work, Debbie gives back to the community by delivering food to needy families, helping feed the less fortunate, and donating and assisting with Toys for Tots.

We are acknowledging the contributions and impacts that our female members make in developing and shaping our society. We love seeing our members turn their passions into a business. We believe you should do life the way you want to do it no matter what gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or belief. We are dedicated to helping people do more of what they love.