2020 Ice Cream Relief Week

Heather Dueitt, VP Marketing
Heather Dueitt, VP Marketing

MyPoint teamed up with Scoop San Diego for the 2020 Ice Cream Relief Week!

Scoop San Diego’s Ice Cream Relief Week supported local family-owned ice cream and gelato shops during COVID-19

We were excited to partner with Scoop San Diego's "Ice Cream Relief Week". Scoop San Diego reached out to communities to encourage people to support their local ice cream and gelato shops with a delivery or takeout order.

During Ice Cream Relief Week, Scoop San Diego hosted a live stream festival jam-packed with exclusive interviews with shop owners from EscoGelato and Handel's Ice Cream, an ice cream happy hour with Bivouac Ciderworks and Mr. Trustee Creamery, along with social media giveaways.

Stella Jeans Ice Cream created a new San Diego-themed flavor and donated a portion of sales proceeds to Home Start.

“We can all use something to sweeten up our days in quarantine, and our answer is ice cream,” said Daniel Szpak, founder of Scoop San Diego. “Ice Cream Relief Week is our way of giving back to the ice cream and gelato shops that have brought us that joy over the years, and sharing creamy deliciousness with everyone, no matter what their quarantine lifestyle is right now.”