5 Ways to Have the Best Staycation

Heather Dueitt, VP Marketing
Heather Dueitt, VP Marketing

When you live in San Diego, you're already in a dream vacation destination. While that doesn't mean you should forgo any and every opportunity to travel far and wide, it does mean staycationing here makes a lot of sense.

But home has so many distractions and responsibilities, right? Not if you're a savvy traveler of your world. Read on to find out how to get your dream staycation:

Prepare Your Perfection

What makes your everyday better? A staycation is all about doing more you, after all. Before you dip your toes in the backyard kiddie pool while you read a good book with only a fine wine or cup of coffee for company...

That's just an example, but you get the idea. Make sure you have everything you need and then some to keep yourself having a good time all staycation long.

Pretend You're in the Middle of Nowhere

Ignore your phone. Don't check the email. In fact, set your "out of town" responder to say you'll be with limited internet access. It doesn't matter that you have every Netflix show readily available – you're on staycation, which means you shouldn't have to be bothered. As far as anyone else is concerned, you're deep in the woods, fishing for your next meal while filtering water from a mountain brook. Savor that sense of privacy. It's a wonderful feeling.

Discover Your City – Or Never Leave Home

Explore parts of San Diego for a rediscovery. Or do the tourist thing and hit up Balboa Park or the Zoo. Did you know we had a zoo here? It's supposed to be pretty epic. And, hey, if you're a fan of the beach and you're not spending as much time as possible in the sand, you're not staycationing correctly. Don't forget to screen, rescreen, and hydrate!

Treat Yourself

You're already treating yourself to a staycation, so you're halfway there. Aren't you overdue for some pampering? Aren't the best vacations just an extended cheat day? Indulge in some serious self-care. If you don't, you might as well just go back to work.

Get Passionate

Do more you. That's what a staycation is all about. But that doesn't have to just mean pampering, it can mean diving into passion projects too. Aren't you going to write the bestselling novel? Build something practical out of wood? Play video games? Get back into your singer-songwriter groove? Whatever you don't usually have enough time for, you now do on your staycation. Enjoy!