4 Motivating Reasons to Shop Local

Heather Dueitt, VP Marketing
Heather Dueitt, VP Marketing

4 Motivating Reasons to Shop Local

We've all heard the term shopping local. Most of us know it's a good thing. But let's be honest, shopping online is a lot more convenient and often less expensive. Sometimes, you need or want something you can't find locally. So why even bother? Here are four motivating reasons to make the effort:

Keep the Money at Home

Supporting local businesses and their employees helps create jobs, keeps people from moving, and encourages more small business growth. Plus, shopping local uplifts what makes the community so unique. The more chain restaurants and retailers, the more the area looks like everywhere else.

Seek Out Independent Businesses

It's better for the local economy to get in the car and shop rather than buy things online. But according to studies cited by the American Independent Business Alliance, you get a 48 percent return at independent retailers versus 13 percent from chain alternatives.

Further, you can order from local businesses (and craftspeople) online. For example, if you're in San Diego, search “San Diego Made [product you’re looking for]” to pull up a bunch of options. You can also search by location on websites like Etsy and eBay.

Immerse in Local Flavor

Only those who live where you live can shop locally where you can. It’s exclusive to you! How cool is that? Instead of spending money at chain restaurants, visit independent restaurants. That way, your meal is going to a local business, and your tips are going to fellow members of your community. Win-win. In fact (and statistically speaking), restaurants keep more money in the community than any other for-profit organization. For those who share San Diego with MyPoint Credit Union, that’s an exceptionally easy task.

Help the Environment

Shopping local is environmentally friendly for one simple reason: the shipping. Even if shipping is free, trucks, planes, and cargo ships take a toll on the environment. While not all local businesses make their products in house (meaning they have to ship their products to the store), neither do most online businesses. By shopping local, you cut down on harmful emissions – which reduces your carbon footprint.

We Help You Do

There are a lot of incredible businesses in San Diego and the surrounding community. From iconic breweries, to groundbreaking biotech companies, to innovative startups, we've pretty much got it all -- and we do our part to support them so they can continue their contributions to our community and the world at large. We go beyond transactions to form relationships with business owners, getting to know them and learning exactly what they need so that they can always depend on us to help them do amazing things.

Now more than ever, it’s extremely important for us to come together and support the small businesses in our community!

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