Meet the My ______ Project

We are going around town asking people different questions covering passions, dreams, goals, motivations, and more, giving people permission to do their unique, one-of-a-kind selves.

The final answers create a mural as diverse as the community around us. We've seen responses that were across the board from helping my friends more, strive for greatness, run a half marathon, to have a new car. The goals and ambitions that come to life are inspiring to see and hear!

Have you seen us in the community? Our interactive murals have come to life at the Mariachi Festival in Chula Vista, Tikibeat on Shelter Island, Tacotopia in Golden Hill, Hess Fest in North Park, and Del Mar Race Track.

My Project
Let's go do this!
Let's go do this!

We are also painting inspiration rocks that show us how you live your passion. Your passions have been seen at the Butterfly Festival at the Water Conservation Garden in El Cajon, Scoop San Diego in North Park, Bird Park Concerts in North Park, and Point Loma Summer Concerts.

Keep an eye out for us at community events. We'd love for you to share your passion.

So what do you want to do?

Let's go do this!